Warren Beatty’s Daughter Wants Sex Change

The hook-up gods have a strong sense of irony.

Or at least that’s the case with Warren Beatty, the renowned Hollywood playboy famous for hooking up with whole flocks of A-list skin, whose daughter, Kathlyn Beatty, wants a sex change, presumably so she can follow in her dad’s pimping footsteps.

The 18-year-old college student currently dresses like a man and goes by ‘Stephen’, and reportedly, Warren and his wife Annette Bening are devastated.

He and Annette have tried to deal with this over the years when their daughter was younger, but she’s determined to go ahead with the transgender operation, just like Chastity [Bono]. She repeatedly told her parents that once she turns 18 she would take matters into her own hands.

– said a friend familiar with the situation

What goes around comes around, but at least Warren Beatty vowed to stand by Kathlyn.

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