Jeremy London’s Kidnapping Story Is Starting to Sound Fishy

Jeremy London’s alleged kidnapper is behind bars. But in the court of public opinion, it’s the former Party of Five star’s story that’s being put on trial.

London, 37, claimed earlier this week that he had been abducted in Palm Springs, California, while fixing a flat tire,  and was forced by his abductors to smoke pot. But numerous people familiar with the players in the case, including members of London’s own family, are calling his account into question.

Speaking to E! Online about the supposed ordeal, London’s twin brother Jason and his mother Debbie Nielsen sounded skeptical of the details, especially in light of the fact that London has had difficulty with addiction to prescription medications in the recent past. According to Nielsen,

“There have been times when we’ve had hope [he has remained clean]. We are very concerned for him. This is his family’s cry for help.”

Adds brother Jason,

“We love Jeremy very, very much. He’s lost. You’re 40, grow up. Learn from the mistakes you’ve made.”

Doesn’t exactly sound like the words of people who feel that a relative has been victimized.

Meanwhile, a neighbor of London’s currently incarcerated kidnapper, Brandon Adams, has his own doubts. Says the anonymous neighbor,

“I don’t believe it…Brandon probably was doing drugs WITH that actor, and the guy just said he was forced to smoke because he knew drugs were in his system.”

Adams has pleaded not guilty to the alleged abduction.

Sounds like there’s a lot more than just pot smoke that needs to be cleared before the true facts are out on this one.

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