Justin Bieber Is Not Famous In England

Does Justin Bieber have a British doppelganger?

The 16-year-old singer was recently mistaken by a gaggle of British teens for Eastenders actor Thomas Law. Wait, there are teens out there who don’t know who Bieber is? Revoke their teenager cards!

The group of out-of-touch teens approached the “Baby” singer for an autograph because they thought he was Thomas:

Some girls asked for my autograph and then said, ‘We love you in EastEnders. I’d never heard of the show. So I Googled the actor, and, I guess, there are worse people to be compared with.

We have to admit, there is a slight similarity between the 16-year-old pop star and the 17-year-old British actor. We wonder if Bieber’s British doppelganger has been getting mobbed by crazed Bieber-holics in the UK.

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