Megan Fox Won’t Marry Brian Austin Green for Another 20 Years

Megan Fox might have let her boyfriend Brian Austin Green put a ring on it (which she promptly lost), but she’s in no rush to get to the altar. Like, she’s really not in a rush.

The Jonah Hex babe, who became engaged to Green last week during a Hawaiian getaway, was cornered by Us Magazine about the couple’s wedding plans on Wednesday. And according to Fox, it’s gonna be a few minutes. Like, two decades’ worth of minutes:

“It’s going to be years! I’m going to be 44 when I get married!”

Fox, it’s worth noting, is currently 24. Green, meanwhile, is 36. Maybe they can pay for the wedding with Green’s Social Security checks.

It’s also worth noting that the couple has supposedly been engaged once or twice before. Gee, Brian, think Megan is trying to tell you something?

Do you think these two will ever really get married? Share your predictions in the comments section.