‘Twilight’ Fans Force Emma Roberts Off Twitter

And here we thought that Twilight was only to be used for good.

Actress Emma Roberts was allegedly forced to delete her Twitter account after enraged Robert Pattinson fans sent her death threats because she announced on The Tonight Show that she is Team Jacob.

Robert, who was seated next to her, didn’t seem to mind that Emma preferred Jacob over his Edward, and even made a joke about her having revealing herself to have “no taste.” However, while Rob was able to laugh the whole thing off, some of his overzealous fans felt the need to take action–and by “take action” we mean cyberbully a celebrity for liking a fictional character.

Emma, who is the niece of actress Julia Roberts, was eventually forced to deleted her Twitter account over her off-the-cuff remark.

Luckily, not all Twihards are as, um, crazy as the fans who forced Emma off Twitter: many Twihards tweeted their support for the Unfabulous actress. Before she deleted her account, Emma, who admitted she was a Twilight fan, tweeted that Rob was “so nice” and that she was “slightly disappointed [that] his skin wasn’t glittering” when she met him.

Do you think the world of Twilight has room for both Team Jacob and Team Edward?

Watch the video of Emma saying she is rooting for Team Jacob below.

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