Bethenny Frankel Denies Post-Baby Tummy Tuck

Bethenny Frankel Denies Post-Baby Tummy Tuck-photo

Uh oh, we smell a reality show cat fight.

Last week, The Apprentice's Omarosa told Perez Hilton that she believed that Real Housewives of New York star (and former Apprentice contestant) Bethenny Frankel had gotten a tummy tuck after giving birth to her daughter Brynn. The accusation stung since Bethenny told reporter that she had gotten her amazing post-baby body on her "SkinnyGirl" diet plant.

Now, Bethenney has responded to Omarosa's gossiping:

Obviously I didn't get a tummy tuck. It's everything that I am, and I wouldn't even get a personal trainer.

Hm, we don't know who to trust for sure, but considering that Bethenny weighed less than a large bag of rice before she got pregnant we are inclined to think she knows how to stay thin.



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  • britini95

    OKay people. it truly isn't hard to lose baby weight. Gisele Bunchen lost all of hers very quickly,too! Mninly because of good genetics,but also because she worked out during her pregnacy and ate right, Maybe Bethany did the same thing!

  • Kate

    she also denied getting breast augmentation surgery and anyone who watches RHof NYC KNOWS that definitely is a lie. So, whose to think she wouldn't lie about this too???

  • Joyce

    What the h**l does Omarosa know anyway? Nothing!