Bethenny Frankel Denies Post-Baby Tummy Tuck

Uh oh, we smell a reality show cat fight.

Last week, The Apprentice’s Omarosa told Perez Hilton that she believed that Real Housewives of New York star (and former Apprentice contestant) Bethenny Frankel had gotten a tummy tuck after giving birth to her daughter Brynn. The accusation stung since Bethenny told reporter that she had gotten her amazing post-baby body on her “SkinnyGirl” diet plant.

Now, Bethenney has responded to Omarosa’s gossiping:

Obviously I didn’t get a tummy tuck. It’s everything that I am, and I wouldn’t even get a personal trainer.

Hm, we don’t know who to trust for sure, but considering that Bethenny weighed less than a large bag of rice before she got pregnant we are inclined to think she knows how to stay thin.