Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt's Divorce Might Actually Be Real

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt's Divorce Might Actually Be Real-photo

The split between villainous Hills couple Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt might not be as bogus as it first seemed—unless the reportedly cash-strapped reality sensations are willing to shell out big bucks for legal bills all in the name of publicity.

According to TMZ, Montag has stepped up the separation process by tapping longtime family friend and divorce attorney Jodeane Farrell to mediate her divorce from Pratt, and the plan is to sever ties as quickly and cleanly as possible.

Montag and Pratt, whose first mediation meeting is in two weeks, will reportedly put together a property settlement with Farrell's aid, then wait six months as mandated by California law before officially dissolving their marriage.

Should be interesting to see which of them receives custody of the various new body parts that Montag has acquired over the past year.

According to Farrell, the situation between Heidi and Spencer is currently "very amicable." Well, there's a first time for everything.

Do you think Montag and Pratt will actually go through with the divorce? Share your predictions in the comments section.



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  • leahrowell

    Heidi needs to dump his sorry no good ass to the curve. If he ever disrespected my family, I'll kill him or my daddy will.

  • Spencer's a Moron
    Spencer's a Moron

    Spencer is having a psychotic break - he's certifiable; he'll probably end up killing Heidi or her next boyfriend. That dude is a f*cking moron, and complete waste of life - he should just go /wrist

  • anonymous

    MUAHAHAHAHA YES!!! DIVORCE, DI-VORCE. i'm gonna suffer my husband's penis to hell if he ends up like spencer. EAT MY sh*t SPENCER!

  • vanessa

    I hope the divorce is real, cuz most of her problems are because of him. Spencer should just do us all a favor and go live in the mountains somewhere. Heidi was way more sane before he came along. Well, sanish! lol

  • Diane Burnett
    Diane Burnett

    about time... he's an a55.

  • Elisa Lanfranchi
    Elisa Lanfranchi

    ma magari cazzooooooooooooo i wish for her

  • JB

    Yo Heidi get over yourself and your own lil problems theres a war going on..did you even realise that or are you to busy f*cking up your body. You look like sh*t, and agree with your mother..you looked better before. Dump dickface spencer hes such a little wee man what a waste of your time. Be happy to be alive and breathing and stop wasting your time trying to change you inner self...deal with your outa self first dipsh*t.

  • britini95

    I would like to think this is true, becuase this girl needs serious help, but I highly doubt it. She's suposedly in the works of getting a new reality show "highlighting her life new single status" This all cannot be a coincedence, especially with these people involved!

  • naomijane

    i really hope that they do go through with it. heidi had lost everyone and has completely changed who she was because of spencer. she can do so much better!

  • seth

    f*cking annoying heidi..get a f*cking life!! i think the i can speak for the rest of the world when i say we r f*cking tired of u crazy f*cking lunatics!! she is so hideous its hard to even look at her...why dont we move on to something more important n meaninful..thanks f*cking get a life heidi-f*cking ugly n crzy spence....