Jeremy London Lost Custody of Son Prior to ‘Kidnapping’

The details of Jeremy London’s alleged kidnapping are getting more and more curious.

The former Party of Five actor, who claimed last week to have been abducted in Palm Springs, California, last week by kidnappers who forced him to “smoke drugs,” recently lost custody of his three-year-old son Lyrik, according to Radar Online. London’s wife, Melissa Cunningham, was also stripped of custody of the child, and both Jeremy—a rehab veteran—and Melissa have been undergoing regular drug testing recently.

According to souces, Cunningham became addicted to drugs after undergoing surgery for a fibroid tumor on her uterus, and regularly took Ambien, Soma and Valium. What’s more, just weeks ago, Cunningham reportedly crashed her car into a Palm Springs 7-Eleven, with Lyrik in the vehicle. A witness recalls: 

“A woman [later identified as Cunningham] pulled up and drove into the wall. It wasn’t hard and there wasn’t any damage but I saw a commotion outside…A woman got out of her car with a child after hitting the wall. She tried to walk off but a group of customers outside wanted to stop her…They told me later that they thought she was behaving a little out of it. They didn’t want her to go because of this and so they called the police. She wouldn’t listen to them though.”

Lyrik is currently in the custody of Cunningham’s mother.

Perhaps even more interesting, London has now reportedly taken steps to prevent his family members from publicly discussing his kidnapping case. Cease and desist notices have been sent to London’s mother, brother and brother’s girlfriend in an effort to prevent them from speaking to the media. Last week, London’s twin brother Jason and mother Debbie Nielsen issued media statements suggesting that they believe London’s kidnapping tale to be bogus.

London’s alleged kidnapper, Brandon Adams, is currently in jail awaiting his court date.

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