Kristen Stewart Excited About Motherhood (VIDEO)

Even though Eclipse hasn’t even been released yet, but people are already asking star Twilight Kristen Stewart about the final two Breaking Dawn films.

So what is KStew looking forward to most about the final two films? The answer might surprise you: accord to MTV New, Kristen is excited to be playing a “wife and mother” who is a “matriarch.” We suppose that 20-year-old Kristen doesn’t get a ton of offers to play mothers and wives, so this will be an interesting change of pace for her.

During the interview, Kristen could barely contain her excitement about finishing the final two Twilight films. Kristen said she was excited to see Renesmee and seeing Bella “become a woman.”

Kristen also revealed that she wasn’t even going to look at a script for Breaking Dawn if they didn’t break it up into two films since she felt that it would be impossible to contain the final installment of the Twilight Saga into one film. So, those of you who are rejoicing about having Breaking Dawn broken up into two films now know that you have Kristen to thank for the split.

Watch the video below.

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