Lady GaGa Is Gunning for a Scandal on New 'Rolling Stone' Cover

Lady GaGa Is Gunning for a Scandal on New 'Rolling Stone' Cover-photo

As if Lady GaGa's megawatt personality wasn't weapon enough, now she's arming herself to the teeth.

The "Bad Romance" chanteuse breaks out the big guns for the cover of the latest Rolling Stone, showing off some serious firepower—and her derriere, of course. Definitely a departure from her last light-and-bubbly Rolling Stone cover appearance.

What do you think of the Pantless One's new Rolling Stone cover? Share your thoughts in the comments section.



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  • Mel

    Dirty! You may be surprised how many actually don't like rudeness, vulgarity...

  • ricardo

    por dios ¡Qué FEA ES!

  • Anonymous

    Her guns are missing some parts. Like the parts that make them work...looks goofy.

  • Brandiane Keith
    Brandiane Keith

    Please her ass may look good but its not that big !! That"s definitely photo shopped ....But shes still hot though and it's a kool pic!!!

  • GringoStarr

    You would have thought that Rolling Stone would have been against putting a 12 year-old boy on their cover, especially one that's cross-dressing.

  • dave

    photoshopped to f*ck. I want to see REAL.

  • MissaA

    Obviously it's a deliberate reference to Madonna, but taking it one step further. She's riffing, not ripping off. I wish people would learn how to tell the difference.

  • Sophie

    Does her ass normally look like that because it's amazing!

  • uh

    What the f*ck is scandalous about this?

  • sydsouth

    * I love that top, but I seriously agree about the Madonna thing!! Sorry GaGa, but there can only be one..*

  • annabannana56

    Yuck...Wannabe Madonna..