Lindsay Lohan: Will Strip for Handbags

You have to give Lindsay Lohan credit: She’ll go to any length for her art. Or at least to sell her new line of bags.

The Machete actress will be posing nude next month for a series of print ads promoting her line of 6126 handbags. In the shoot, LiLo will reportedly take it all off and roll around in a bed somewhere in Los Angeles while wearing nothing.

Well, almost nothing. Richard Luna, of The California Bag (which licenses the 6126 line) still isn’t sure how they’ll handle the matter of Lohan’s court-ordered alcohol-monitoring SCRAM ankle bracelet. According to Luna,

“We’re thinking of having police on hand so we can remove the ankle bracelet for the pictures.”

Other options include airbrushing the device out of the pictures afterward—or perhaps they can use the bracelet as a nifty accessory in the spread!

With or without the bracelet, Lohan should be pretty well-practiced for the photo-shoot, after portraying porn legend Linda Lovelace in the upcoming indie biopic Inferno.