Spencer Pratt’s Father Allegedly Wishes He Was Never Born

It looks like one celebrity wasn’t having a great time hanging out with their dad on Father’s Day.

Spencer Pratt revealed on Twitter that his father isn’t exactly proud of his famously volatile son. From Spencer’s Twitter:

This is the day my earth dad wishes he had worn a condom. No joke.


The Hills villain, who grew up in the lap of luxury thanks to his wealthy dentist-to-the-stars father, had a falling out with his family earlier this year. A source claims that Spencer’s mother and father removed all photos of Spencer from their home after his fame-hungry antics and nasty habits got to be too much for the Pratts.

Spencer reportedly grew angry with his mother and father because they would only talk to him about his sister Stephanie Pratt, who Spencer thought was “a loser.”

Even though Spencer enjoys playing the villain in the tabloids and on TV, we hope that he eventually patches things up with his family, especially now that his marriage to Heidi Montag is falling apart.

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