Taylor Lautner Goes Go-Karting In Germany (PHOTOS)

Taylor Lautner moves fast, well at least as fast as a German go-kart will allow him to go.

On Saturday, the ab-tastic Twilight hunk was spotted taking a break from doing Eclipse press in Berlin by spending a relaxing day at a go-kart track. No word on how Taylor fared on the track, but that helmet he is sporting shows that the 18-year-old actor means business.

To compliment his heavy-duty helmet, Taylor wore a gray henley, black pants, and aviator sunglasses. Hey, Taylor, why didn't you invite co-star Kristen Stewart along since she accompanied you on the European press tour?

Click here for more photos and check out more Twilight coverage over at The Forks Report.



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  • celline

    he is sooooooooooo hoooooootttttttttttt

  • volleyballchica

    Love the pants, Taylor!

  • sydsouth

    * That guy in the yellow and grey needs to move! I would tell him to get out of MY picture fasho!!*

  • annabannana56

    I can't see his beautiful face...*sad face* =(

  • sydsouth

    * lolz, gotta love him. *

  • sydsouth

    * Go Taylor Go, though I like him better on a mini bike better!* =}

  • sydsouth

    * I love him...*

  • sydsouth

    * How cute, look at that cute nose, and for the record his nose IS adorable!!* =P


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