Trace Cyrus Calls Ashley Tisdale “The Worst Person I’ve Met”

Uh oh, we smell a Disney feud brewing…

Miley Cyrus’ rock star brother, Trace Cyrus reportedly has a beef with High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale.

The tattooed Cyrus proclaimed on Twitter that Ashley is “the worst person I’ve met in my life.” From his Twitter (via oceanUP):

I’ve met and know a bunch of celebrities. By for [sic] the worst person I’ve met in my life is Ashley Tisdale.

I’ve never had someone who doesn’t know me AT ALL make up so many rumors and bulls**t about me. You don’t even know me b***h.

After his outburst, Trace then goes on to say that “God took me by the hand, told me not to be afraid.” Because calling women derogatory terms should always be followed with a mention of God.

Trace didn’t elaborate on what prompted his outburst against Ashley but maybe Ashley’s buddy-buddy relationship with Cyrus family enemy Perez Hilton had something to do with it: shortly before Trace launched his tweet-rage, Ashley posted a tweet to Perez saying, “can’t wait! xoxo.” Maybe Trace was simply defending his sister’s honor?

Who’s side are you on: Team Ashley or Team Trace?