BUZZINGS: Robert Pattinson Says He’s Not a Mormon Pawn

  • Is The Twilight Saga a tool for subtly indoctrinating kids into the Mormon faith? Don’t be silly—it’s an Illuminati propaganda manual planted among us thousands of years ago by an an advanced alien race. (Huffington Post)
  • Courtney Love delivers poignant memories of her career on her Behind the Music segment. Just kidding; she tosses F-bombs left and right like Al Qaeda is closing in on her. (PopEater)
  • Is Josh Brolin giving his wife Diane Lane some PDA, or performing the Heimlich Maneuver on her? You decide! (Wonderwall)
  • What’s more pathetic than camping out for days waiting for the Eclipse premiere? Camping out for days to report on people who are doing so. (Hollywood Life)
  • John Lennon + sexy garters = Taylor Momsen. Just let that mental image sink in for a while. (Starpulse)