Daniel Radcliffe Mistook Justin Bieber For a Girl (VIDEO)

Daniel Radcliffe Mistook Justin Bieber For a Girl (VIDEO)-photo

Poor Justin Bieber; he might be getting lots of love from the ladies these days, but as far as his fellow celebrity dudes go, he has a long way to go in earning respect.

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe recently sat down with MTV and admitted that his first encounter with the "Baby" crooner left him with a less-than-masculine impression:

"I don't connect with pop music—like, now, what the kids are listening to these days. I only heard Justin Bieber for the first time two weeks ago; I genuinely thought it was a woman singing."


On the plus side, D-Rad gives big ups to Lady GaGa, whom he deems "kind of amazing."

And, presumably, he knew from the first note that she was all woman.

Check out video of Radcliffe's pop-music confessional below. And for all things Bieber, make sure to crack open The Holy Bieble for inspiration.



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  • Sara

    And I genuinely thought it was an ugly leprecon sitting there!

  • dania

    Daniel is Gay :S anyways xS I dont care about daniel says cuz harry potter doesnt exist right now ! now we like TWILIGHT

  • nooba

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  • Fatima Rose Ranit Sawaan
    Fatima Rose Ranit Sawaan

    ..hahaha..DAniel's comment on justin ROCKs!

  • aneepattz

    I´m deffinetly in LOVE with dan radcliffe hahaha that really ROCKS!!!

  • yoyo

    ilovehim haha

  • Simona

    hahahah love this guy lol

  • leyla11

    LOL gotta love Daniel

  • katiebird

    HAHA!!! Couldn't of said it better myself!! Daniel is my new hero!!!!! :D

  • ana

    hahah everyone is loving him!!! actually everyone loves him!! he's so great!!!!! all the harry potter cast is amaizing!! i love them more and more every day!!

  • annabannana56


  • LeviKlein

    F-cking love this dude!!

  • saraamw

    huahuahuas He Owns!!!!!!!! bEST comment ever about Justin Bieber. =D

  • Izzie

    I don't like Hairy Potter... (Well, I'm just not a fan... Not that I hate it in any way... XP) BUT THIS GUY ABSOLUTELY ROCKS. :D I feel like finding more of his interviews, or somthing. But, they'll all be about Hairy Potter 'n stuff, right? Ugh, they'd ought to be. Oh, well. I like this guy... Did I mention he rocks? xD Oh, I did? Then... He PWNS. ^,^