Fashion FAIL: Katie Holmes Is So High Waisted (PHOTOS)

Katie Holmes just can't seem to find a pair of pants that works for her. Instead she's all potato sack denim, saggy-baggy monstrosity and these, camel toe creating, abdomen consuming, outdated hippie pants.

Katie, we're rooting for you, we really are, but you're making it extrememly difficult do to so. Please call your stylist.

Click though the gallery to see Kat get her high waist on. And for more fantastical fashion check out our coverage at Fashion FAILs & FTWs.


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  • Hollis

    You'd think they'd have money to buy shoes for the poor little rich girl. Every photo I see, she's either in socks of bare feet.

  • NinaSophia

    she looks great... most women wish to be able to wear something like that without looking crazy. and she can. so i like the look, retro :) i like.


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