Is Chelsea Staub In Love With Joe Jonas?

Hm, we smell an on-set romance brewing between Jonas co-stars Joe Jonas and Chelsea Staub.

Chelsea recently spoke to OK! magazine about Joe and the rest of the Jonas Brothers and she got pretty gushy when it came to talking about her relationship with Joe.

The 21-year-old actress told the magazine that they were the closest of the cast members and she describes them as “each other’s ying and yang.” Uh oh, Demi Lovato, you might not want to read this.

From OK!:

We really enjoy each other’s company, we’re kind of each other’s ying and yang. He’s very funny and kind of all over the place and I’m more like, ‘Joe we have to stay in line.’ So, it’s funny when we’re together. We kind of balance each other out.


They pretty much have everything going for them and not only that, but they’re very romantic. It comes with being artistic and a musician, they’re always writing songs and thinking of these romantic things to do. So, they do pretty well [with the ladies].

Chelsea also goes on to describe the “most romantic thing” Joe (and Nick) did for her was renting out an ice rink in Central Park to take everyone skating:

It was one of the most beautiful, romantic things I’ve ever experienced. I was like, I love you. Just make it official.

Hm. While co-stars tend to have close relationships, Chelsea and Joe’s friendship sounds like it might be a lot more than just friendly. Besides, we know that Joe has a thing for dating his co-stars since he was most recently linked with Camp Rock co-star Demi.

Do you think there is something there between Chelsea and Joe? Are we ready for Jelsea?