Katy Perry Wants To Get Married Dressed As Lady Gaga

It looks like Christina Aguilera isn’t the only star who is looking for a little “inspiration” from Lady Gaga: soon-to-be-married pop star Katy Perry reportedly wants to dress up like Gaga for her wedding. We guess pants will be optional on Katy and fiance Russell Brand’s special day.

A friend of Katy’s revealed to Hollyscoop that Katy and Russell are planning to dress up in Gaga-esque outfits for their wedding, and they might even commission outfits from a designer from Gaga’s “blasphemous” music video, “Alejandro:”

Russell and Katy have both got wicked sense of humours and are big fans of Lady Gaga. They wanted unique outfits and no one dresses like her anywhere in the civilized world…the wedding will certainly be different.

The friend said that they have met up with Atsuko Kudo who designed the red latex nun outfit for Gaga’s “Alejandro” video. Wait, we thought Katy slammed “Alejandro” for its allegedly “blasphemous” imagery…and now she wants to dress up as a fetish nun on her wedding day?

Either way, we bet Katy will look great. However, we are curious to see how Russell manages to pull off a Gaga-esque outfit.