Kristen Stewart Cries Over Robert Pattinson, Sorta

Is Kristen Stewart getting lonely without her beau by her side?

Twilight followers may have noticed that star Robert Pattinson is noticeably absent from the European press tour for Eclipse. Rob has been busy with filming for Water for Elephants, leaving co-stars Kristen and Taylor Lautner to pick up all the press work on their own.

While in Sweden, Kristen revealed that she missed having Rob (who is also rumored to be her boyfriend) on the junket:

It does feel weird to promote the movie without [Rob]. It does feel sort of like he should be here.

[Taylor and I] go home every night and cry in our hotel rooms.

Okay, so maybe that last part was just a joke, but we bet that Kristen’s feelings of loneliness are pretty real.

Luckily for the 20-year-old actress (and Rob-starved fans), RPattz will be returning to the Eclipse press push at the premiere on June 25th.

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