Lady GaGa Admits Her Fear of Infants

Take one look at the wild get-ups that Lady GaGa wears in public on a regular basis, and one would assume that the “Poker Face” is as fearless as they come. But that’s just not so. There is one thing that strikes terror in the heart of the Pantless One—babies!

GaGa reveals her crushing infantophobia (at least that’s what we assume it’s called) in the latest issue of Rolling Stone, admitting,

“I’m terrified of babies. I think, creatively, as a woman, you change once you give birth. I’m totally not ready for that.”

Hmm; maybe that’s why she’s brandishing those big guns on the cover—to ward off anyone who might be considering coming along and impregnating her.Though, in truth, maybe she should be placing her fear where it really belongs, with certain insanely powerful comedians.

Do you share in GaGa’s fear of babies? Share your tale of horror and shame in the comments section.