Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Leave Canada (PHOTOS)

After shocking audience members (again) with her skimpy outfits and sultry dance moves at the MuchMusic Awards in Canada, pop sensation Miley Cyrus fled The Great White North for the more understand world of Los Angeles.

Miley, with her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth in tow, looked a little upset with the swarming paparazzi, who were perhaps hoping to catch her wearing one of her skin-baring on-stage outfits. Instead Miley looked cute and comfortable in a white tank top , jeans, and black leather jacket.

Liam, meanwhile, kept up with Miley's casual look with a black t-shirt, black Ray Ban sunglasses, and perhaps the world's tiniest wristwatch. You must need glasses to read the time on that thing, Liam!

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  • Amanda

    She looks so sad, I wish paparazzi would give her a break sometimes.

  • belinda

    its not a watch its called a power band thingi that apparently improves balance and strength

  • sp2tanes

    i super envy u with your BF!!!but then again i love you Miley!!!:))

  • Milly

    Oh ya stupid as her self ;DDDD

  • Taja

    AnnaBannana wath a stupid nick name ;DDD

  • annabannana56

    Her boyfriend looks old..

  • Milly

    Her hair looks so great even better ;]*** love Miley ;]*******************

  • sharon94

    whoever said she's fat definitely has mental problems...

  • diane

    she's so cute ! really...even without those extensions...