‘Real Housewife’ Danielle Staub Sings Duet With Alleged Girlfriend (VIDEO)

When she isn’t terrorizing her cast mates on Real Housewives of New Jersey or starring in sex tapes, Danielle Staub likes to imply that she is dating famous lesbian musicians.

The 50-year-old RHONJ star kinda sorta came out on live television last night when she performed her new single “Real Close” (yes, she has one too) with out musician Lori Michaels on Bravo’s Watch What Happens.

During the course of their performance, Danielle cuddled up to Lori and then later stroked her hair and generally acted like a teenage girl suffering from puppy love. However, the lesbian flirtations wasn’t the most surprising event of the night, the most shocking thing about Danielle’s performance was that she was…kind of not that bad of a singer.

After their snuggly performance, host Andy Cohen asked Danielle point-blank if she was dating Lori, which Danielle refused to comment on. However, earlier today she tweeted that Lori was her “gf,” which we all know is the Twitter equivalent of a marriage contract.

Personally, we are partial to “The Countess” LuAnn’s ’90s electro-dance/instructional song, “Money Can’t Buy You Class,” but we are willing to give Danielle’s single a shot.

Do you think Danielle has really found love or is she just doing this as a publicity stunt?

Watch the video of the performance below.