Rihanna's Red-Hot Date Night (PHOTOS)

Rihanna's boyfriend Matt Kemp was really seeing red during the couple's date on Monday night. But, you know, in a totally sweet and adoring way.

The "Rude Boy" singer and her Los Angeles Dodgers beau hit up West Hollywood for a dinner date in West Hollywood last night, with Ri-Ri rocking fiery tresses to match her red sweater. Maybe she should be dating a player on the Angels instead?

Click through the photo gallery to witness the glory of Rihanna's color-coordinated date night. And make sure to hit up Paparazzi-Razzi for more pics of famous people doing mind-blowingly awesome things.



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  • Agathe Jeanne Mbock
    Agathe Jeanne Mbock

    you are so so much beautyfull

  • agathe jeanne
    agathe jeanne

    you are so beautyfull

  • santosilver

    [quote=Doyle Lively]shes nw fat,.. How's she fat??!! she looks good

  • Doyle Lively
    Doyle Lively

    wats wit her???

  • Doyle Lively
    Doyle Lively

    shes nw fat,..

  • Milly

    Oh ya you are rith she is Ugh...Ugh...Ugh... I remember when she was just georges but now I think some one just kicked in her RED hed ;DD and she lost her mind wath she is doing LOL ;DDD

  • annabannana56