Should Robert Pattinson Try Comedy?

Not only does Twilight star Robert Pattinson have dreamy good looks, he also apparently has a great sense of humor.

Rob’s Remember Me co-star, Tate Ellington, tells Hollywood Life that although Rob is best known for playing a brooding vampire, he really should be trying his hand at comedy:

“He’d be a great [comedic actor]. He would say these great and wonderful things that make you go ‘What?’ He would just crack you up the whole time. All the time, on set, he was always smiling. I think he’s hilarious. He could do straight-up comedy.

Considering that the 24-year-old star has mostly been going for dramatic roles, we would love to see him do something different like a comedy. We wonder if Rob’s sense of humor was what won over his rumored girlfriend (and co-star) Kristen Stewart.

Tate also recounts Rob’s harrowing encounter with the dangerous driving habits of NYC taxicab drivers. Tate explains what happened after the cast got a text message that Rob had been hit by a taxi during a dinner:

We were in the middle of soup thinking, ‘Oh God, what are we going to do?’ But it turned out that he was great, he’s fine – thank God! We were all terrified for a good half hour, but he did show back up [on set]. It felt like a practical joke, but it turned out to be real.

Well what do you expect, he has super vampire strength, a little incident like being run over by a cab isn’t going to phase ol’ Rob.

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