Taylor Lautner Reveals 'Eclipse' Is For The Guys

Taylor Lautner Reveals 'Eclipse' Is For The Guys-photo

Maybe you won't have much trouble dragging your boyfriend to see Eclipse later this month.

While a majority of Twilight fans are female (gee, we wonder why?) star Taylor Lautner assures the fellas that Eclipse is very guy-friendly.

From MTV News (via Hollywood Life):

“[Eclipse is] my favorite, because it’s the most guy-friendly by far [...] It’s dangerous. There’s a lot of action. The romance is still there, but the action level is stepped up way more. It’s great.

We all know that if there is one thing that boys like, it's action.

Meanwhile, Kellan Lutz theorizes that Eclipse will not only draw boys to the theater, it will also convert anti-Twilight girls into Twihards:

It’s going to be one of those movies where guys who aren’t fans of the Twilight series but like seeing a good kickass action movie are going to see it. And they’re going to bring their girlfriends who are anti-Twilight because they don’t want to be on that bandwagon. Then they’re going to come and fall in love with it, too.

Hm, we like Kellan's plan to convert more Twihards, but we don't think that there are any girls out there who aren't converted to the power of Twilight.

Do you think that Eclipse will be drawing the boys to the theater?

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  • annabannana56

    My boyfriend hates Twilight Saga....And all my male friends hate it too...So that wasn't true....Twilight Saga is for teenage girls...

  • Leyla

    I'm a girl, I like boys, but I wouldn't let anyone drag me kicking and screaming in a theatre that shows a random Twitlight movie. Chil...people like them and it's ok for me (even though I hope it will end eventually), but those kids shouldn't try to make fools of us. Girls see those movies because they think those guys are "hot". I highly doubt their boyfriends (if they are old enough to have a boyfriend) would like to see Eclipse. Taylor, what's your name, you're not starring in Transformers, you're in *freaking* Eclipse, wake up!

  • Elle

    I'm a Anti Twilighter : P and i'm a girl so yes we are out there we're the ones who actually have brains :O

  • krissy

    are you kiidding Taylor? the only reason people care for these movies is for you and your sexiness:))

  • Leyla

    Yeah yeah, very funny!