The 10 Hottest Shirtless ‘Twilight’ Stars (PHOTOS)

Sure, we all love Twilight for its compelling plot, but we also love to ogle the good-looking the saga’s good-looking stars. So what better way to celebrate the impending opening of Eclipse (June 30th!) than with a countdown of the hottest shirtless Twilight stars? These guys and gals went through the extra effort to take off their tops, so the least we can do is enjoy them.

So, who will win the coveted top spot for best shirtless Twilight star? Will Taylor Lautner and Team Jacob dominate with their toned abs or will Robert Pattinson and Team Edward take back their Twilight hunk crown? And we certianly can’t leave Kellan Lutz out of all of this.

Click through to see our list and find out which Eclipse star has the best chest.

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