Gisele Bundchen Is a Model Working Mother (PHOTOS)

You gotta love Gisele Bundchen. Well, either love her, or shove little miniature donuts down a Gisele voodoo doll’s throat in a manic effort to make her gain weight.

Images from the Victoria’s Secret beauty’s Calzedonia Spring/Summer 2011 swimwear campaign have just been released, proving with photographic certainty that Mrs. Tom Brady has regained her bikini body after giving birth to son Benjamin in December.

Which might seem only mildly impressive, until you learn that the photo-session occurred in February—meaning, six weeks tops after Benjamin was born. And now we have to wonder if Gisele has some kind of superhuman powers.

Let’s celebrate Ma Bundchen’s post-pregnancy resiliency by clicking through the photo gallery, shall we?

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