Is Sandra Bullock Putting Divorce On Hold? (UPDATE)

Is Sandra Bullock Putting Divorce On Hold? (UPDATE)-photo

UPDATE: Sandra's reps calls the report "false." Just goes to show you should trust The National Enquirer.

Could Sandra Bullock really be considering getting back together with cheating husband Jesse James?

Well, that's what the National Enquirer is reporting, so take this all with a grain of salt. A "friend" reveals that Sandra has but the couple's divorce proceedings on hold and has forgiven Jesse for all of his past bad behavior:

For now, she’s stalling on the divorce. I think she has forgiven Jesse and she is missing the life they built together, particularly now that she has Louis.

The truth is she can’t stop thinking about a future when all of them could be one big happy family again.

Considering all the trouble that Jesse has put Sandra through, including getting her linked with tattooed white supremacist fameball Michelle McGee, Sandra must have a pretty forgiving heart.

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  • neg

    I hope she doesn't take him back. She deserves better. That dude will never change... once a cheater,always a cheater! They didn't look good as a couple anyway. She is too pretty for him. I hope that will never happened.

  • Andiroba

    Ms. Bullock's son Louis is physical evidence of her amazing heart. Would it surprise me if she ended up back with a man who made horrible mistakes and struggled with getting over being abused as a child? No.

  • annabannana56

    Such a strong women!!!