James Franco to Star in ‘Planet of the Apes’ Prequel

Doesn’t James Franco have an agent? Or a manager? Or family? Or friends? Or a mailman? Or anybody to give him some apparently much-needed career advice?

Fresh off of his bewildering stint on the soap opera General Hospital, the Pineapple Express star has signed on to star in Rise of the Apes, a prequel to 2001’s Planet of the Apes, one of the most notable bombs in modern cinematic history.

Rise of the Apes will take place in modern-day San Francisco and chronicle mankind’s efforts to deal with the aftermath of their genetic experiments to make apes more intelligent. Franco will play a scientist who plays a crucial part in the subsequent war between men and apes.

Well, at least his face won’t be obscured by gorilla makeup. As far as we know.

Slumdog Millionaire beauty Freida Pinto is currently in talks to play a primatologist named Caroline in the movie, which begins filming next month and will be released next June.

Shrewd move on Franco’s part? Utter disaster in the making? Sick joke? Share your theories in the comments section.