Joe Jackson to Sue Dr. Conrad Murray for Wrongful Death

Joe Jackson plans to sue Dr. Conrad Murray for wrongful death on the anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death.

In a legal document sent to Murray, Joe claims the doctor got drunk at a strip club hours before administering a lethal dose of Propofol to the king of pop.

It was reckless for him to ‘drink’ prior to administering anesthesia to Michael Jackson. He concealed his conduct from Michael Jackson.

The document goes on to detail how Murray pumped Michael with a cocktail of drugs that caused ‘impaired memory, loss of appetite, and absence of energy’, and that Murray ‘ignored the signs of Michael Jackson’s pulmonary inflammation, brain swelling, and anemia’.

Worst of all, Joe believes the doctor repeatedly lied about the drugs he’d given Michael to the EMTs who attempted to save the pop star’s life.

Murray’s legal team dismissed the allegations as ‘absolute, utter nonsense’, and those close to him insist he doesn’t drink.

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