Lawyer Reveals Gary Coleman’s Ex Forced Him To Write Will

Late star Gary Coleman’s lawyer claims that Gary’s controversial ex-wife Shannon Price forced Gary to write an amended will that gave her more power after the star’s death.

The will in question is a hand-written codicil that Gary allegedly wrote in 2007. The codicil amends Gary’s previous will which was written before Gary married Shannon. Now, Gary’s ex-girlfriend Anna Gray, who was in Gary’s original will, has engaged in a legal battle with Shannon over the late actor’s affairs.

Now, Gary’s lawyer, Andy Kester has come forward to reveal that he believes that Shannon dictated the codicil to Gary, which would but the entire amendment into question.

Andy says that the language of the codicil is off:

Those are not Gary’s words […] Gary wouldn’t even know how to pronounce some of those words… In fact, one of the phrases he uses in that codicil makes a reference to per stirpes which references children — he had no children. If you read the codicil, it’s clearly legalese.. someone’s dictating that to him.

In the codicil, Gary reportedly stated that “I made this change of free will and was not coerced in any way… this I have done because of my personal selfishness and my weakness and I love her with all my heart.”

Andy is gearing up to testify against Shannon in the legal battle with Gary’s ex-girlfriend.

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