Reality Show Exposes Lindsay Lohan’s Diva Antics

Well this isn’t going to help Lindsay Lohan’s damaged career.

Double Exposure, a new Bravo reality show about a photographer duo showed Lindsay in a very unflattering light. During a recent episode the 24-year-old starlet showed up to a scheduled photo shoot for her legging fashion line 11 hours late. Yes, that’s right, 11 hours.

Amazingly, the photographers and crew were willing to wait around for Lindsay but we bet the fact that they had cameras following them around helped them stay for the drama.

Naturally, Lindsay isn’t too happy about her tardy portrayal on the show and tweeted that the episode was “UNTRUE” and that it “sucks when ‘friends’ use you (in this case for ratings) even if they’re lyin.”

Unfortunately, sources tell TMZ that it is indeed true. According to the sources, Lindsay said she was late because “she woke up late.”

Lindsay is notorious for showing up late to appointments and photo shoots. She continually showed up late and missed several important court hearings earlier this year and people who have worked with her on photo shoots and films complain about her chronic tardiness.

However, the source on set during the Double Exposure debacle says that when Lindsay did finally show up she was “fantastic to work with.”

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