Top Chef’s Ludo Lefebvre Explains the Politics of Cooking

As a recipient of the prestigious Mobil Five Star Award, Ludo Lefebvre knows his way around a kitchen, and understands that the right dish must be matched to the right occasion. Here, the Top Chef Masters contestant and Celebuzz’s newest celebrity guest blogger offers his expert opinion on what to cook should you ever find yourself serving a political dignitary:

“In France I like to say we ‘live’ around the table, so we typically spend a couple of hours eating lunch; wine, appetizers, wine, entrees, wine, cheese, wine, dessert. In America, the attitude is much different towards the mid-day meal, it is about eating quickly. In the Nation’s capital it is also about ‘being seen,’ and you would never want to be seen eating bad food or something ‘inappropriate.’  Art Smith’s Art & Soul is located in the heart of Capitol Hill and is a favorite lunch spot of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. While I love Art’s ‘House Jerky,’ it’s probably not the right choice for the Speaker of the House. Ms. Pelosi typically orders the Put Up Salad and Crispy Local Trout with Spring Vegetables. I suggest she add a Ginger Smash (tequila, ginger liquor, lemon, lime & ginger candy) to make the afternoon sessions in the House a bit more bearable, or at least potentially entertaining for the CNN cameras. Speaking of cameras, for all the newbies on Top Chef 7, I have a secret to getting a lot of airtime: Curse in a foreign language. The censors never bleep it and the producers love it. I just pretend I can’t speak English on the show.”

Photo by Shayla Scuffi

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