Which ‘Eclipse’ Co-Star Mocked Taylor Lautner’s Body On Set? (VIDEO)

We all know that Eclipse star Taylor Lautner has the good looks and sparkling personality to make all the young girls swoon but there is at least one girl out there who isn’t attempting to rip off his shirt at every second she gets: co-star Kristen Stewart.

Taylor tells E! News (via oceanUP) that Kristen would constantly make fun of Taylor and his curious “beefy” eating habits:

Whenever I’m like ‘Ok, one sec, I need to pull out a beef patty,’ [Kristen] rags on me quite a bit […] she teases me quite a bit.

The “beef patty” is reference to Taylor’s beloved beef-up diet which has him eating beef patties all throughout the day in order to beef up his 18-year-old frame.

While we’re sure that Kristen’s teasing is all in good fun, Taylor is sort of asking to get ragged on when he tells people that he has to “pull out a beef patty.” Come on, Taylor, the jokes practically write themselves.

Given Taylor’s high-maintence body, we can see why Kristen prefers the less-buss-but-no-less-dreamy physique of her rumored beau Robert Pattinson.

Watch the video below.

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