Will ‘Jonas LA’ Be The New ‘Entourage’?

Are you ready for another season with the Jonas Brothers?

The JoBros are talking about the second season of their hit show Jonas which not only gets a new name for its second season (now called Jonas LA) but it also gets a more stylish and updated feel.

Ditching the campy Monkees feel of their first season, the JoBros say they are going for a more “G-rated Entourage” feel. Does that mean we will see the brothers entertaining a revolving door of hotties while getting yelled at by their pumped-up agent? Probably not, but it still sounds fun.

Kevin Jonas explains it all to the New York Post:

I’m 22. Joe’s going to be 21 and Nick’s going to be 18. It feels much more like where we are in our ages. We’re hanging out, we’re driving cars down Hollywood Boulevard. It’s something that people will definitely be able to relate to.

Sounds pretty wild! Well, for the JoBros at least.

Are you guys ready to see the JoBros partying it up and driving cars around LA?