BUZZINGS: Is Kim Kardashian Dating NFL Player Miles Austin?

Kim Kardashian is rumored to be dating Dallas Cowboys’ Miles Austin. Meanwhile, Justin Bieber is somewhere staring into a mirror and feeling very, very sad. (PopEater)

• Everyone knows that the best way to pay tribute to the late King of Pop Michael Jackson is with a soon-to-be-viral video on the internet. (Wonderwall)

• Fromer American Idol winner Jordin Sparks says Diddy would be a great replacement for Simon Cowell. But could he match Simon’s lovable crabbiness, Jordin? (Hollywood Life)

Courtney Love is still upset about a Vanity Fair article from 1992 where she was quoted bragging about doing heroin while she was pregnant. There is a simple solution to this, Court: don’t do drugs while pregnant! (Starpulse)

• Speaking of musicians who hate reporters, M.I.A. tells GQ that she moved from Brooklyn to posh Brentwood because she couldn’t afford living in New York. Wow, New York must be really expensive! (Huffington Post)