Courtney Love Offers Deep Thoughts on ‘Behind the Music’ (VIDEO)

Is it any wonder that Courtney Love is considered one of the preeminent intellectuals in our nation today? 

The Widow Cobain recently sat down with VH1 to offer her candid thoughts on a variety of topics for an upcoming episode of Behind the Music, and it was a thing to behold. A few selected highlights:

On interaction with her fans: “I look at my audience and I like what I see, and so when I say ‘F*ck you’ I say it in a loving manner.”

On being the focus of public wrath: “I didn’t ask to be hated, I just don’t mind being a b*tch.”

On her former lover Trent Reznor: “Don’t call your band Nine Inch Nails if you have a three-inch one.”

Class, thy name is C-Love.

Check out the video clip below (WARNING: NSFW language):