Did A Russian Fan Pay Lady Gaga $1 Million To Appear In "Aljeandro"? (VIDEO)

Did A Russian Fan Pay Lady Gaga $1 Million To Appear In

How much would you pay to be in a Lady Gaga video?

Well, according to Gawker, one superfan was willing to drop $1 million for the chance to have a brief camero on Gaga's "Alejandro" music video. For $1 million Gaga better be willing to let him direct her video, let alone be in it!

Details are scarce on the man, but he is apparently the son of a Russian billionaire who goes by the nickname "Arkady" or "Arcadi." He is either 30-years-old or 19-years-old (probably closer to the latter judging by his youthful face) and is most likely the son to the 50th richest person in the world, Roman Abramovich.

The mysterious Arcadi appears in the music video wearing a fascist-esque leather uniform while starring stoically as images of fire and destruction burn behind him.

Arcadi allegedly confirmed his appearance in the video to a Russian tabloid but said that he "can't give further details." Mysterious!

However, some Gaga fans claim that the man that everyone has identified as "Arcadi" is actually a member of Gaga's entourage. Not that this means that a Russian billionaire didn't pay $1 million to get a cameo in Gaga's video (or that "Arcadi" is actually a billionaire and a member of Gaga's entourage) but it does call the rumor into question.

Do you think a Russian fan actually paid that much money for a brief cameo in "Alejandro"? Watch the video below (his cameo stars at 7:05) and let us know what you think.



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  • Ya right
    Ya right

    The guy also appears at 0:25...

  • tarine

    this guy is a Brazilian model!

  • Never Tell
    Never Tell

    It's not Arkady Abramovich. He doesn't look like him, isn't 19 and hasn't told me.

  • annabannana56