How Robert Pattinson Is Related To A Real Vampire

A group of genealogists claim that Twilight star Robert Pattinson is a distant relative to the original vampire: Dracula.

Okay, yes, it sounds a little far fetched, but it would explain why Rob is so good at playing a vampire on the big screen.

According to (via Huffington Post), Rob is actually a very distant relative of Vlad III the Impaler, the Transylvanian leader who is commonly known as “Dracula” and the inspiration behind the vampire myth in Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Although the researchers who made the connection conceded that it was “difficult,” they report that the link came from the 24-year-old actor’s link with the British royal family. Apparently Prince William and Prince Harry are distant cousins of Rob and Dracula was their distant uncle. So, not only is Rob related to a “vampire” he is also related to royalty! Yeesh, could this guy get any more awesome?

Hey, but Rob isn’t the only Twilight icon who is related to Dracula: author Stephenie Meyer is also a distant relative.

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