J-WOWW Reveals Her Filthy Couture Fashion Line (VIDEO)

The cast of the Jersey Shore are no dummies: they know that their 15 minutes of fame is ticking away. Maybe that is why guidette beauty J-WOWW is striking while the iron is hot and launching her own clothing line while she is still in the limelight.

You may remember the buxom reality star’s eye-catching fashions from from season one, which included ripped jeans, revealing plaid tops, and a skimpy yellow shirt that was essentially a piece of fabric draped around her neck. Well, if you were a fan of J-WOWW’s unique style you will probably become a fan of her new fashion line, Filthy Couture.

The Long Island native gave MTV a preview of her line and showed off some glamorous dresses and skimpy bikinis. One dress, a mint green cocktail number with padded cups and a cleavage-revealing neckline would be, in J-WOWW’s words, “good for a wedding or a prom.”

Meanwhile, the reality star also showed off some of her self-designed bikinis similar to the skimpy swimsuits she wore while relaxing in Miami Beach.

However, don’t think that Filthy Couture is for everyone, J-WOWW insists that she “doesn’t want to sell to, like, the masses […] I want it to appeal to specific people.” She also doesn’t want people to happen upon her stuff in a store, instead she wants them to buy her clothes directly from her website or from her own shop.

We don’t know how alienating people from buying your line will help sell it but, by the looks of it, Filthy Couture is meant to appeal to a very specific kind of woman.

Watch the video of J-WOWW showing off her line below.

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