Miley Cyrus Is Hating on the Vampires

Miley Cyrus Is Hating on the Vampires-photo

For someone who's always flashing the peace sign, Miley Cyrus sure does seem to be intent on stirring up trouble.

The Can't Be Tamed singer, who previously dismissed the hugely popular Twilight series as a "cult," has reaffirmed her disdain for fanged creatures of the night, telling E! Online,

"I hate vampires."

And that doesn't just go for Edward Cullen and his crew of sexy suckers; she doesn't want anything to do with those True Blood guys either. When asked her opinion on Alexander Skarsgard and company, Cyrus replied,

"What channel is that on? We don't have HBO...All we have is like the Disney Channel and Nick at Nite because my sister is only 10 years old."

Well, that really bites. It really sucks, too, come to think of it. 

Do you think Miley really hates vampires, or is she just trying to drum up attention for herself? Let us know in the comments section.



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  • Julie Furlano
    Julie Furlano

    AGREE :| she hates everything bigger than her. look around you, she IS bigger than the "vampire phenomenon". she is probably pissed of all this vampire wave. I know that I never watched true blood because i'm fed up before i got the chance to do. everywere people won't stop talking about vmpires. it is too much. anyway, she has the right to dislike something just the same way you hate her.

  • Unknown Author
    Unknown Author

    She really does hate EVERYTHING bigger than her. She used to be cool and a good role model, but now she's a slut and a whore. I agree with Cris.

  • picstoburn

    She hates Thing that are bigger that her? Haters amaze me. She doesn't have time for t.v. So what? I fcking hate vampires, screw those bloodsuckers. But i have to admit, true blood is a pretty awesome show.

  • fara

    she just trying to drum up attention for herself but she's right Twilight really sucks!!

  • bridge

    So what? I hate it too,and who ever disagrees can suck my dick. uh no thanks, gay kid

  • Enid

    Oh, and True Blood is a million times better than Twilight. Sucks for Miley, I guess.

  • Enid

    I don't like Twilight, either. But for different reasons. But the fact that she states the only thing they watch is Nick and the Disney Channel really creeps me out. So what if she's disassociating herself from Hannah Montana? She practically BREATHES Disney. Same sh*t.

  • neeneelovesrobpatz

    i say she hates everything too but she cant judge any body because she did some stuff on her own she supposed to be a disney role model but she acting like she a disney slut we dont hate her after all shes done the girl been in more scandels than her 17 years of life i like twilight but you should never say you hate any thing because thats not a word that you could just throw around. she shouldnt be acting like this because even if shes grown or growing up shes still on disney shes always gone be a disney star but she has to realize the things that shes doing she need to think before she does

  • annepattinson

    AGREE :| she hates everything bigger than her. AMEN to that one! she definetly HATES everything bigger than he, and with much more talent and brain.!

  • annepattinson

    I´ll bet vampires HATE her too!! ´What does she think, that she´s the most awesome loveable B*tch in this world! I feel srry fur her !!

  • nia4eva

    well she is influenceing her little sister and all her fans

  • bob

    Whilst I don't like twilight I think there is probably a better way to say it xD; You can tell she is totally just jealous because both twilight and true blood are bigger than her rubbish show.

  • whatever girl
    whatever girl

    Well actutally i think miley really hates vampires and why would she want to draw attention to herself when all these stupid paparazis are folling her and writing dumb stories about her that are pretty rudiculous. Like the blog thing where they say she is wereing short shorts rudiculous right i think it is.

  • Julie

    She obviously hates it because the eclipse premiere pulled attention off her one-whore rampage through headlines.Miley is so annoying.I agree i often get embarrased for the more eccentric twihards but not all of us are like that so its no excuse to be mean about it.Most of us just really like the books and movies.We are not a cult.Some of u need to wikipedia the word "cult".All in all,miley just wants attention.

  • Phoebe

    I think it the whole twilight movie hype really sucks... the BOOKS are AMAZING but the movies just kinda ruined it, I think Miley should be able to have her own opinion... seriously Why the heck does it matter, what Miley Cyrus thinks about vampires? if I told you I didn't like Justin Bieber would you care? I don't think so... leave her alone and just let her have her opinion

  • britini95

    Personally, I LOVE vampires. Ann Rice does them justice. But if she doesn't like them, that's fine. However, her being Miley Cyrus, she should know to keep her mouth shut. Everytime she speaks, she digs herself a depper hole. Oh and Hannah Montana was a cult as well, while she was touring as the character. For awhile now, people don't seem to care. And I agree with the theory that she hates things that are more popular than her. Or she's trying to do that "I hate things that are popular, so I'm cool" Either way, she should stop.

  • markella

    she defenetly hasn't watched The Vampire Diaries yet!!! and something else:why should we be aware of her turn-ons and turn-offs???i dont give a damn personally...she's a stupid sluty bitch!!!

  • markella

    she defenetly hasn't watched The Vampire Diaries yet!!! and something else:why should we be aware of her turn-ons and turn-offs???i dont give a damn personally...she's a stupid sluty bitch!!!

  • moonlightdeceptions

    Shh im about to make a vampire joke...*procedes* She hate vampires but we constantly have to be sucked dry by her music.... ZING!

  • jovo222

    Well, vampire are sorta over exposed...i mean they are every where you look. dont get me wrong i love the twilight saga and true blood and vampire diaries , but i can i understand why shes acting this way...

  • STUPID  Cyrus !
    STUPID Cyrus !

    WTF !!!!!! She hates every Fuking Thing ! she hates vampaire + pop ( and love lady gag ) SOOO Wierd !! olso hates ((( PANTS ))) LOOOOL

  • annabannana56

    So what? I hate it too,and who ever disagrees can suck my dick.

  • Carrie

    Who's stupid is that reporter who asked her that question. Who gives a crap what she thinks about vampires?

  • mcusedtobefan

    AGREE :| she hates everything bigger than her. totaly true

  • alice

    you can say that again... AGREE :| she hates everything bigger than her.

  • Acey

    I wonder how her little sister managed to learn all the lyrics to "Smack That" along with the dance...being sheltered as she is with Disney and Nickelodeon. Maybe she learned at the lingerie parties the parent's allow. Miley is such an idiot.

  • raveena

    SO WHAT? Can this girl breath without an article accompanying it? Can we not dislike something now?

  • Jola

    I like Miley now...twilight sucks. Twihards piss me off more than the series itself.

  • andy

    Miley was a nice, sweet and talented girl and suddenly she bacame an uncool diva. She don't even look sexy ,is like a whore. But we can get her actitud she's still an adolecent who is playing to be a woman.

  • WHAT A BI**H
    WHAT A BI**H

    So agree with Cris.....She's so ugh really dislike her really!!!:(

  • rsac3

    That girl hates EVERYTHING that is bigger than her.. you people should know this already you can say that again...

  • Cris

    That girl hates EVERYTHING that is bigger than her.. you people should know this already

  • Milly

    Well I hate c*ckroaches so now pleace write all over internet! So wath that she is hate vampires. If you hate something nobody's blames you,so no fare if you blame other's!

  • Sasha

    She doesn't know True blood...ugh that's so lame.And using her sister as an excuse...