Miley Cyrus Sports Short Jorts (PHOTOS)

How short is too short when it comes to jorts? Miley Cyrus is here to test those dangerous waters in her raggedy cutoff jorts cinched tightly with her Louis Vuitton belt. We must say, we've seen jorter jorts in our day.

Click through the gallery to see Miley get her jorts on. And for more fantastical fashion check out our coverage at Fashion FAILs & FTWs.



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  • ana

    not that short girls at my onl school would ware shorter shorts then that

  • G-LOCO

    LAME,LAME, Celebuzz , WACK! Do better.

  • skylarr

    Why do yall have to judge? Last time i checked its not your job by any means. And come on! wat if you were in her shoes you think you would be this perfect little angel????????? Stop harping on her for everything geez!

  • lkhfldsfs

    They aren't even short shorts xD Ahaha.

  • riley

    they are not short!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CC

    I don't like her... but those shorts aren't too short!

  • kat


  • kat

    i LOVE those shoes!

  • shaxd3

    I have those shorts they are not too short and I have a big butt and they don't even show anything except for legs!! People these days need too stop trying to make a big deal out of everthing she does and says!And I'm 14 years old!

  • Mariah

    Ok im not a fan of miley cyrus AT ALL but these shorts are totally normal. I wear these kind all the time. wtf this is stupid of them to even complain about the length.

  • Raechel

    Seriously?! Leave this girl alone. Its the price to be famous I guess.

  • Rachell

    I dont like Miley Cyrus but I feel bad for her.. she just got off a plane for crying out loud!! This story is ridiculous, she isnt doing anything to strike up the tabloids so they have to make one about her wearing short!? Its summer... calm down.

  • xoxolovexoxo

    They aren't short these are normal.... most the time you see girls with shorter ones, even i have shorter ones than that. its summer! come on!

  • BellaBean

    anyone else take into account she's very tall and she has incredibly long legs? which is obviously going to make the shorts look... shorter. She's beautiful!

  • moi

    I like them. There are called shorts for a reason.

  • moorcla

    i bought these shoes the other day.. i loveee them and btw mileys hot leave her alone.

  • Zachary Garza
    Zachary Garza

    Wow the depths that paparazzi are sinking just to make a headline! Its so pathetic! You wanna see some short short's? Pull up any rap video.

  • White Linen
    White Linen

    White Trash!

  • alexandra

    She doesnt look that bad for once. Im not a fan of the shoes though. Oh, and I wish I had her legs. If I had legs like that, I would wear shorts too.

  • nunofyourbusinesswhoiam

    wow what the heck i where shorts like that too but know one is saying omg i have too short shorts wow i even have those same shorts so celebuzz i think you guys are just writing stupid stuff to just right it and that is dumb. it like saying miley cyrus was spotted wearing a skirt like wow get somethig else to write about cause this is dumb

  • flackosa

    those are nothing to what other girls wear.. at least those shorts arnt see through, tight, or panty shorts >,

  • Rose

    Oh Gosh! They are just shorts & Its not like her ass is hangin out! Shes Growin up! Whats the Big deal?? Sheesh!

  • dayan

    they arent short. i have shorter ones they look short cuz she has long legs..

  • Anna

    Jesus she's wearing a cardigan over it too..what's just wrong with ppl those shorts aren't too short..they are just looking for an excuse to diss her!!!

  • Mollyw

    definitely not too short. this is the norm now. come on celebuzz

  • Rose

    she looks good in those shorts!! if u have got the legs, then wear short shorts..and they are normal length anyway!!! i actually really like the shorts..i want them haha

  • bridge

    i dont think they r too short, i mean everybody that age wears shorts at that length

  • shy girl
    shy girl

    i think they are cute on here...wut the hell is your prob. get over it and leave her alone...shes growing up now, not a lil kid anymore!!!! shes still gonna be loved no matter how short her shorts are or for even wut she wears....... its kinda like complaining about her wearing a bikini....ITS STUPID!!!

  • ann

    ppl just need to leave her alone... An F**** oFF!!!!!!!!!! she cool as hell!

  • izabel

    Isn't that about the average length for shorts now a days? I've seen women in the supermarket with their butt cheeks hanging out. It doesn't matter what Miley does, even if it is good, you here at celebuzz point out what you consider to be her worst moments. i so agree with the Butt Cheeks Hanging Out statement. miley could do So much worse.

  • xtine

    um.. ppl who think somethings wrong with these shorts obviously don't know how normal teenaged girls dress for the summer

  • ncole

    there is nothing wrong with those f*cking shorts..damn they need to leave her alone i wear shorts like that and im 14 they pick the littlest things to bash her about i dont even like her like that i use to love her but not really anymore, but its really ridiculous how they bash her about some shorts thats not even short.

  • haha

    small boobs... lol

  • germanxxannie

    1. they're average 2. with legs like that, you're like bound to wear short shorts.

  • kittybookate

    she looks totally age appropriate.

  • lhavberryxo

    yeah !!!!!!!! how come you're asking a stupid question like this ??????? it's just like asking "are you wearing a tank top !? oh my gosh take it off !!" oh please , so what !? and its not short i have a short one just like that !! leave her alone , what is wrong with this site . GOSH

  • farrah grey
    farrah grey

    those shorts are NOT short!!! other girls weear shorts that basically could be underwear.

  • Bevin

    Her shorts are fine... honestly I have shorter ones... But doesn't anyone agree that her 'pout' is way annoying?

  • teamedward21

    oh my god, those aren't even that short. heidi montag's are short!! I've worn shorts that short before, who gives a s***. If you have skinny legs then you can wear short shorts if you want to.

  • celebuzzsuxbawls

    Isn't that about the average length for shorts now a days? I've seen women in the supermarket with their butt cheeks hanging out. It doesn't matter what Miley does, even if it is good, you here at celebuzz point out what you consider to be her worst moments.

  • Milly

    wath the hell is wrong with you celebuzz? Leave her alone! In the world are mutch moore teen's ho act bad and Miley dont do anything bad at all! I have a same shorts and no one's cear about that! You are so lame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!