Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner & Kristen Stewart Talk Sexy Tent Scenes In ‘Eclipse’

Listen up Twihards: those of you who are looking forward to some serious sexual tension between Kristen Stewart’s Bella and Taylor Lautner’s Jacob are in for a real treat in Eclipse.

Twilight Saga stars KStew, Taylor, and Robert Pattinson sat down with Entertainment Weekly to discuss the Most Important Movie of Our Time (or, maybe just the year) Eclipse. According to the stars, things got pretty hot ‘n’ heavy during the infamous “sleeping bag scene” where Jacob has to warm up Bella with his naked body while Edward pouts in the corner:

Lautner: The tent scene is probably my favorite, because it’s the first time Edward and Jacob are actually able to connect and understand each other. [It took us] two days originally to film it, and then a full day of reshoots.

Pattinson: [The director] wanted it to be more erotic. Seriously.

Stewart: In the book there’s a serious sexual tension. As I’m sleeping, Jacob is staring over my vulnerable body, and he’s naked in this f***ing sleeping bag because you heat up faster that way, and Jacob and Edward are leveling with each other.

Sounds pretty sexy. Are young Twihards ready for that kind of sexual tension? Oh, who are we kidding, the entire series is basically just sexual tension and yearning. We think Twihards can handle the sexy stuff. Now, Taylor’s naked body on the other hand…

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