Sean Kingston Turned Down A Date With Rihanna

If you were a young single man, would you turn down a date with pop star Rihanna? Probably not, unless your name is Sean Kingston.

The “Beautiful Girls” crooner tells The Mirror about the time he turned down a date with the “Rude Boy” singer because…his clothes weren’t ironed:

Rihanna asked me to go clubbing with her [when we met in London]. Looking back I can’t believe I said no just because I didn’t have any clothes ironed. But I couldn’t go out with a superstar looking bad.

We can understand why Sean wanted to make sure he looked nice for RiRi but something tells us that if people saw him saunter into a club with Rihanna on his arm no one would notice that his clothes were a little bit wrinkled.

Photo Source: Fame Pictures/Getty Images