Was Jake Pavelka & Vienna Giradi’s Relationship A Sham?

Are you as shaken by the news of the Bachelor breakup between Jake Pavelka and Vienna Giradi as we are? Well, you might want to sit down for this new revelation: a source is claiming that Jake got together with Vienna purely for publicity. Will we ever be able to believe in the magic of reality show love again?!

A source spilled to RadarOnline that Jake used Vienna for publicity and never expected them to get together in post-reality show life:

He tried to tell himself he loved [Vienna], but he did it for the fame.

She wanted a real relationship but he wanted an arm doll and a fake life for publicity. Jake loves fame so much and he’s just trying so hard to look good. I don’t think he even knows what he really wants, he’s just doing what he thinks will make him more famous.

The pilot-turned-reality show star has made a bit of a name for himself by playing the sweet romantic card: after appearing on The Bachelorette he was eventually picked up to star in The Bachelor where he met Vienna.

Earlier this week, Vienna announced her break-up with Jake, alleging that he refused to get intimate with her and didn’t treat her like a proper girlfriend.

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