BUZZINGS: Tori Spelling Claims She Speaks With Farrah Fawcett’s Ghost

Tori Spelling claims that late star Farrah Fawcett contacted her from beyond the grave. Oh Tori, we all get contacted by Farrah’s ghost from time to time, we just don’t tell the press about it. (PopEater)

Eclipse star Kristen Stewart’s feet hurt when she was walking the red carpet at last night’s premiere. We bet she is remembering the good ol’ days of wearing converse on the red carpet. (Hollywood Life)

• Hollywood children might have some pretty weird names but there are a few sensible stars who give their kids pretty cool names. Sorry, Apple, you didn’t make the list. (Wonderwall)

• Troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan will be forced to give a deposition on her drug use on the night of her 2007 joyride that resulted in her arrest. (Starpulse)

Jason Bateman cut in line in front of hundreds of “normals” who were waiting for the new iPhone. Ah, the perks of being a star. (WWTDD)