Justin Bieber’s Mother Is Not Posing For ‘Playboy’

Despite reports, Justin Bieber’s mother Pattie Lynn Malette, will not be posing nude for Playboy magazine.

Blogger Zack Taylor reported that Playboy had offered Justin’s 34-year-old mother $50,000 to take her top off for the magazine. However, Justin’s rep tells Hollyscoop that reports that the rumors are “absolutely false.” Oops!

Well, that’s a bullet dodged for Justin. Not that we would ever think that his mother would do such a thing, but it must be pretty hard to deal with puberty and know that every guy in the world has seen your mom naked.

We’re sure that Justin’s mother is far too busy to actually take time to step into the limelight anyways: she already travels everywhere with her son and manages his career. Who has time to pose for Playboy when you are busy flying all around the world?

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