Lindsay Lohan’s SCRAM Bracelet Is Making Her Crabby

Life sure is rough for troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan.

Not only does she have to deal with having a court ordered SCRAM alcohol-monitoring bracelet strapped onto her ankle, the annoying little accessory is reportedly causing her a great deal of pain.

Sources close to the 23-year-old actress report that the SCRAM anklet is strapped too tightly onto Lindsay’s ankle and is rubbing her leg raw. Naturally, being in pain isn’t exactly making the Mean Girls actress the most pleasant person to be around:

She’s made life hell for the people around her, since she is in pretty bad pain.

To make matters worse, Lindsay’s SCRAM bracelet is keeping her from partaking in one of her favorite non-partying-related activities: spray tanning. Apparently, chemicals in spray tans can trigger alcohol-monitoring bracelets so it looks like naturally pale Lindsay can’t get her tans.

So there you have it: Lindsay’s SCRAM bracelet is making Lindsay crabby and pale. However, she does have something to look forward to: her anklet should be coming off on July 6th.

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