Mel Gibson’s Ex Accuses Him Of Domestic Violence

Uh oh, things are getting more and more complicated for Mel Gibson and baby mama Oksana Grigorieva.

News broke earlier today that the Braveheart actor filed a restraining order against his ex-girlfriend. However, now Oksana is claiming that she was the one who originally filed a restraining order against Mel because Mel was “extremely violent” with her.

Earlier this week, Oksana filed a restraining order to keep the allegedly abusive Mel away from her but on Thursday the actor modified the restraining order to keep her from spilling any juicy details about their relationship to the public (oops).

According to TMZ (via Hollyscoop) the alleged domestic violence incidents occurred in January when the two were still together (the two called things off in April). So, why is this all coming out now? Maybe negotiations on co-parenting fell apart or maybe Mel threatened Oksana again. Unfortunately, when it comes to he-said, she-said it can be hard to parse what is really happening.

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